Personalization Requires Unbiased Data

77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience - Forrester Research

Use HANS℠ to Test Your Assumptions

HANS℠ is a DIY tool for context-based research

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HANS℠ does it Better!

  • Connection

    HANS℠ directly connects consumers to your brand through their natural language.

  • Better Environment

    Conversational user interfaces keep consumers interested, intrigued, and engaged.

  • Data Quality

    HANS’℠ methodologies elicit natural, authentic, and unbiased responses versus other traditional methods.

HANS℠ Vs. Other Methods of Data Collection

  • Social Media & Forums

    Public Arena Biases = No Trust

  • Surveys & Traditional
    Market Research

    Expensive, Incomplete, & Careless Responses

  • Private Chat

    Comfortable, Engaging, & Rewarding

How HANS℠ Works

With the benefit of anonymity, HANS℠ inspires honest feedback from your audience

  • 1

    User Entry Point

    Qualify your leads using HANS℠ in Facebook Messenger (Over 1 billion MAU), SMS, or integrate HANS℠ using our RESTful API

  • 2

    Rented Rooms

    Empower your fans to become brand ambassadors in a safe space to meet other like-minded people

  • 3


    HANS℠ provides you with the intelligence that helps you create customer personas, successful pitches, personalized messaging, advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, and PR.

Fan Intelligence = Success

HANS℠ helps you make better decisions by synthesizing the data we collect

  • Habit
  • Lifestyle
  • Socioeconomics
  • Demographic
  • Trends
  • Preferences


Why Brainitch?

At Brainitch, it’s our mindset that differentiates us. Our developing artificial intelligence, HANS℠ (Helpful Automated Nexus System) guides your fans to answer the most important question: Why? Our immersive methodologies and access to hard-to-reach participants sets us apart from the competition while also reducing noise and biases.

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